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Sick Just Got Real ™ + Giveaway

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pfizer's Sick Got Real campaign. 
All content and opinions expressed are my own.*

Any parent absolutely could tell you that parenting can often be difficult, very difficult. Parenthood is absolutely life's biggest balancing act. Between busy schedules, meal prep, homework, messes, and more some days it feels like it is impossible to get a minute of me time.

Sometimes mommy-hood includes cleaning up after a little one when they get sick, moving them to the couch, and staying up all night with them. Other times it involves pausing your day in order to pick up a sick child from school and spending the afternoon in pajamas playing board games. It often even includes those joyous moments when a child finally takes a nap after days of being sick and fighting sleep. Many days include too many tissues,  medicine, homemade chicken soup, and lots of kisses. Life doesn't stop for moms to catch their breath when everyone is healthy, and it definitely doesn't stop when you add a sick little one to the mix. 

You are not alone in your long days of running around, nights wide awake, and in the moments that you feel exhausted. All moms have times that they need me time and all moms would do anything for a few minutes all to themselves here and there, especially on the days that feel like they will never end. But at the end of the day the thing that we all want the most is for our little ones to be healthy. I love the video below from Pfizer! It shows what so many moms would want to do with a minute of me time!

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  1. i would read a few pages of a good book

  2. I would do some gardening with a moment of me time.

  3. If I had a moment of me time I would be taking that time to make a trip to the bathroom to take a long hot bubble bath!

  4. I would use the "me" time to go exercise. I would go for a run.