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Benefits of Family Game Night

Growing up one of my favorite things to do was play board games! My family and I would gather around the table for hours of fun. Since my daughter was much smaller we have been playing age appropriate games with her. I am so glad she developed my love of board games. We really enjoy having family game nights and I love the opportunity to share a favorite past time with her. There are a lot of benefits to family game night too. Some of those reasons are below! 

Game nights encourage family bonding - Like most families mine is often very busy. Between work, school, errands, homework, taking care of the house, etc. it is no wonder that we don't have enough time to spend time together. Family game night is one way that we are sure to carve out time each week to relax, bond, and have fun with each other.

Board games teach good sportsmanship - One of the worst things is playing a game and the looser throwing a temper tantrum. Playing board games helps to teach children to lost gracefully. It also teaches them that part of playing a game is winning and  losing and to be happy for the winner.

They are great for motor skills - When children play games they are developing motor skills! Things like rolling dice, spinning a spinner, shuffling cards are all things that help to enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Enhancing these skills leads to success is other things in life later on.

Many games teach kids to problem solving skills - Playing strategy games with children helps to give them practice at solving problems and teach them different techniques to solve problems effectively. It also gives you a chance to demonstrate problem solving techniques that your child can learn from! 

Playing board games is just fun! - Making the most of family time and making amazing memories is so important. Children are only small for so long so take advantage of it while you can by doing something fun with them! Game night is an activity that can grow with them as they get older, so keep on playing! 

Let us know what your favorite 
board games are in the comments! 

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  1. I love Family Game Night and have tons of games that we play. It truly does encourage good sportsmanship although my kids are all sore losers. :)