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We Love the GloWubble!

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Wubble Ball and Element Associates. 
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I am sure that by now you can tell that we absolutely love Wubble Ball products! Last year at Blogger Bash we learned about this ball and they are truly amazing! We have been impressed and interested in this company ever since! It is so much fun playing with this product which looks like a bubble but plays like a ball! We recently got to try out the Glo Wubble and are as obsessed as we were with the original!

The GloWubble is super simple to inflate. All that you have to do is attach the nozzle, put the nozzle in the hole, turn on the pump, and watch it inflate! The Wubble ball inflates up to three feet in under two minutes!! Make sure that you purchase 4 D batteries when you purchase the GloWubble otherwise you will have super unhappy children when you aren't able to use the pump, haha. You can deflate the Glo Wubble too! This makes it easy to put away and use again next time! 

Like all other Wubble Ball products my daughter, Mia, absolutely loved playing with the Glo Wubble! Mia was shocked when playing outside as the sun went down and realizing that it glows a fun bright blue! I love that Wubble products take the original Wubble ball and keep making them more fun and innovative! This ball is perfect for outdoor play!

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