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Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Each year when the holiday season comes around many families begin looking for places to give back. Some people interested in giving back want to donate time and others want to donate items, but many do not know where to begin looking for what type of places are asking for volunteers or donations. Since giving back is really important to my family I wanted to share with our readers some ways that I think are simple but important ways to give back. I hope that this list inspires you this holiday season! 

1. Bring non-perishable food to a local food pantry

In most counties in each state there are local food pantries. Donating non-perishable food items is one of the simplest and helpful ways to give back this holiday season. Many also ask for people to come in and make boxes up for families in need to provide them with everything that they need to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. 

2. Volunteer to help serve Thanksgiving meals at a local shelter

Local shelters and community centers host Thanksgiving meals for those who are in need. Most ask that you help to prepare small parts of the meal, hand out the meal, and help to clean up. You can search in your area for local shelters that offer meals on Thanksgiving and learn more on how to help.

3. Give to a local toy drive

When you visit many stores like Five Below, Dollar Tree, and more they have toy donations going on for different organizations. Donating to toy drives is an amazing way to make the holiday bright for children that are in need. You can also set up a local toy drive through a church, school, community center, or even borough hall.

4. Donate personal care items to a local shelter

Local women's or family shelters are often looking for personal care items such as hygiene products, blankets, gloves, and more. Online you can find a list of shelters in your area, many websites even have a list of items that they are looking for.

5. Start a coat, gloves, and hat drive

Many families are low income and cannot afford winter necessities. Having a coat, gloves, and hat drive in your children's schools, a church, or community center is a great way to help keep people warm. 

6. Send cards and care packages to troops overseas 

Each year around the holidays my daughter's school collects items to send to troops. I love that they are teaching children a way to give back to the people who are protecting our freedom. If you are interested in giving sending items or cards to troops overseas you can search online for different organizations that take part in this.

7. Keep small care packages in your car for homeless in your area 

I have seen ideas shared on social media of bags to keep in a car to give to people in your area who are homeless. Some of the things included are some water, snacks, gloves, and more. Having these little bags ready to give out are a thoughtful way to provide to those in need.

8. Visit a home for elderly

Many people in elderly homes do not have family visiting often. Donating time to elderly homes to help with small tasks, bring small gifts, provide treats, or even just visit with the people whoa are there is something that may mean more to them than you would know. For many just having someone to chat with a bit would brighten their holiday tremendously.

9. Pay it forward in line

You may have heard stories in the news or through social media regarding people paying it forward by paying for others. If you haven't, the concept is basically to pay for the order of the person behind you in line in places such as a food store, restaurant, or drive thru. This is a simple and thoughtful way to give back to others this holiday season.

10. Leave a treat for your neighbors

Like many I have some wonderful neighbors. A great way to show your neighbors that you appreciate them is to make a treat like cookies, cupcakes, a pie, etc and leaving it for them. If many of your neighbors are friendly you could even start a cookie exchange!

11. Donate to a local animal shelter

Many animal shelters are often accepting donations of pet food, cat litter, pet toys, blankets, towels, and more. For some animal shelters winter is their busiest season since they take in animals out of freezing temperatures so donations would be much appreciated. 

12. Bring a treat to those working on the holidays

Hospitals, fire stations, ambulance corps, pharmacies, and many retail stores are open on holidays. Taking time out of your day to bring coffee or treats like cookies to those who are working on the holiday is sure to brighten their day. 

13. Talk to your kids about charity 

In my opinion the most important and best way to give back this holiday season is to talk to your children about charity. Teaching your children about giving back whether it be through donating time or items is very important. Children who are raised in homes that teach about charity are more likely to give back when they are older.

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