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Why the iPod shuffle Could be Apple’s best music player

In 2001, Apple launched what was to become one of its most iconic and influential devices to date: the iPod. If you haven't heard of this device and its many incarnations  you must have been living under a rock for the last decade. The iPod has been recreated in many shapes, sizes and even colours over the years, but one of the most useful forms of the iPod has been the iPod shuffle.

Released in 2005, the iPod shuffle was Apple’s smaller, more affordable portable music player that didn’t feature a touchscreen. Instead, the iPod shuffle featured a spring-loaded clip that meant it could be easily clipped onto a sleeve, into a pocket or in a bag.
This new streamlined iPod was colourful, easy to use and great for people who like to exercise as it was more portable than its slightly heavier counterpart. Because of its small size, the shuffle quickly established a dedicated fan base of people who wanted a less imposing, less noticeable kind of music player.
In recent years, with more and more people choosing to use their cellphones as a music player, the iPod has continued to be popular with consumers, mostly thanks to its affordability (prices start from around $40) and its reliability.
While the shuffle doesn’t have some of the other advantages of other iPod models, such as full colour screen, video playback, etc, it is still much loved. It works so well as a singular music device that it has endured and grown more popular over the ten years since its release. Let’s face it, cellphones can get lost, they can get dropped and can break if the user is listening to music on their cellphone while they exercise.
This isn’t a problem with the iPod shuffle; the clip makes it fit securely on clothing, which ensures that it won’t fall off or get lost or broken at the gym. It’s a great standalone music player for the days when you just want to listen to music alone, without the distraction of a notification from Facebook, or an email pinging loudly into your ear.
The iPod shuffle is a lightweight, easily portable and versatile music player, with the ability to play music, podcasts or audiobooks quickly and easily. With a 15 hour playback, it will keep you and your family entertained for hours and hours.
Image by Cristiano Betta used under Creative Commons License. 

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