It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Transform Your Child's Room with Wall Decal Source + Giveaway


Transform Your Child's Room with Wall Decal Source + Giveaway

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I absolutely love decorating my daughter's bedroom. It is by far my favorite room in the house to move around, buy new decor for, and make personalized just for her. When I learned about Wall Decal Source I just knew that I had to work with them! Their vinyl wall decals are the most beautiful and elaborate decals that I have ever seen! When you visit their shop you will find a decal that is perfect for every child's tastes and likes ranging from animals, to skylines, and even to educational things like letters and numbers! Many of their decals can have their colors changed and even be personalized to have your child's name on it. They truly take personalization to the next level. Keep reading to enter to win a free decal of your choice (up to $125)!

After spending almost an hour searching through Wall Decal Source's Etsy shop and admiring all of their decals my daughter, Mia, finally picked one that she loved. She chose a Hot Air Balloon that would look perfect in her room!

I am sure that when you search through the decals that Wall Decal Source has to offer you will find at least one that you love so I am so excited that they have been kind enough to share a promo code for our readers! You can save 10% on your order using code MOMTHINGREVIEWS at checkout! 

When Mia's decal from Wall Decal Source arrived I was really impressed with how it was packaged and how simple it was to apply to the wall. Included in the package were two tools to help smooth out the decal once it is placed on the wall and step by step directions. Once I unwrapped my decal and rolled it out I cut out each piece of it to make application easier. Since there were 16 pieces total in mine cutting each part apart was a crucial part! After each piece was cut out it was time for me to apply the decal to the wall! Application took put about 15 minutes, mostly because I took some time to make sure each piece was exactly where I wanted it.

 When all of the pieces of the decal were put together on the wall it filled up a large area of Mia's room! Mia has a loft bed and I have been trying to find the perfect thing to put on the wall next to where she sleeps and this is perfect! She always says that she is "floating in the clouds with the hot air balloon". I think that my absolute favorite part about this decal (and most others) from Wall Decal Source is that you can change colors to make them perfect for your child's room. This decal was originally green, red, and blue in their shop but Mia asked for it to be changed to pink, purple, and green to match her room better. I also love that so many of their decals can be personalized with your child's name. It is such a great way to add personalization to a child's room and make the space their own!

Enter to win a free decal of your choice (up to $125) 
from Wall Decal Source below! 

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