It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Reasons to Encourage Children to Play with Construction Bricks!


Reasons to Encourage Children to Play with Construction Bricks!

Like many children my daughter, Mia, absolutely loves playing with construction bricks! My house is full of Legos, MegaBloks, and other brands of similar products. One of the best things that I ever made for her was a DIY Lego table a few months ago! When I pick out toys for Mia I look for a mix of toys that are educational, creative, role playing, etc. My favorite types of toys for her are the ones where you get different types of play, like construction bricks. Playing with construction bricks provide children with many developmental benefits while they are having fun playing!

Below are my top six reasons to encourage children to play with construction bricks!

1. Enhance creativity - Probably the most obvious benefit of playing with construction bricks is that they help to enhance creativity. While many sets come with instructions you can also buy construction bricks so that children can build whatever they want. Allowing children to open ended play helps to teach them to think outside of the box! It is so fun to see the different things that they come up with and build!

2. Helps to develop fine motor skills - Building with tiny construction brick pieces to develop fine motor skills. While building not only do you have to put pieces together but you often have to take them apart. Construction bricks help children to increase the skill of using two hands together to do something and how to use grasping skills.

3. Teaches problem solving skills - When children are given an instruction book for their construction brick sets they need to use problem solving to build. Sometimes pieces are missing, sometimes things don't fit together easily, and sometimes the directions just aren't that great - because of these things that may arise children will learn problem solving skills. 

4. Improve literacy - Construction bricks can help children to increase literacy in a few ways! When children play with construction bricks with others they learn to work together to solve problems and explain what colors, shapes, or places they want to put pieces in. When children build with construction bricks by themselves following instructions from a set they are learning to read and follow step by step instructions.

5. Increase math skills - When a child is building with construction bricks their minds are working to figure out what pieces will work best, how to arrange them, and proportions of the pieces. Children also think in different dimensions, consider each pieces weight, and uses math to think about how how large they can build something with it staying supported.

6. Feeling of achievement - Children who build with construction brick sets or build their own creations used problem solving skills, different thought processes, math skills, literacy skills, and more. Building something themselves helps them to feel good about what they have accomplished, increase their self worth, and help them to develop independence.

I love that building with construction bricks have so many developmental benefits! It is so great that my daughter is having fun while learning!


  1. Madison uses Mega Bloks because Lego's are a little too small for her but those are all great reasons why to encourage her to play with them.

  2. Love your reasons. I also use Mega Bloks. I've started to incorporate then into her home learning days by attaching letters to the single blocks and showing her how to spell her name.