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Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise is tons of fun!

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My daughter, Mia, has been obsessed with Lalaloopsy products for years! She started with the large dolls, then moved on to tinies, and now loves just about anything Lalaloopsy! I always tell people that Lalaloopsy toys are the toys that have kept her interest the longest! Needless to say when she heard about Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise she wanted it.

Every time I hear about a potty themed doll I get a little bit nervous. My mind automatically thinks mess! This is totally not the case when it comes to Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise! In the box you receive the Jewel Sparkles doll, a potty, spoon, and three jars of baby food. This doll does poop a surprise shape on her potty but it is made of moldable dough, meaning no mess and no additional cost for food or diapers. All that kids have to do is feed baby Jewel Sparkles a spoonful of baby food, place her on the potty, and she will magically pop a different shape each time. Kids can do it over and over again to continue the fun!

We love Lalaloopsy products! We are sure that your children will too!

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  1. Madison actually got this one and she loved it. She loves these kind of those that does things so she had fun playing and interacting. This surely makes a great gift.