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Trick or Treat with BB Stitchin

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Halloween is only a few weeks away and we have trick or treating on the brain! My daughter, Mia, absolutely loves getting to dress up and walk from house to house with her friends while the parents trail along! Once Mia picks out her costume her next thought is what bag she is going to use to collect candy! Since Mia is still pretty small and we walk quite a bit on Halloween we like to look for something that will hold all of her candy, is durable, and is lightweight enough for her to carry. We are totally obsessed with the Children's Trick or Treat Bag from BB Stitchin because it hits all of those marks! 

I don't know about you but when we trick or treat we tend to come home with a lot of candy! We have had a few years that all of Mia's candy didn't fit in the bag we brought so we dumped some in my purse! I have found that many children's trick or treat bags are quite small since they are child sized so do not fit much. Although this trick or treat bag from BB Stitchin is meant for children it is definitely not lacking in size. I fit two very large bags of candy (over 200 piece) into the bag when I was trying it out!

Quality is one of the most important things to me when picking a bag for trick or treating. There are few things worse on Halloween than when a child's trick or treat bag breaks. Not only do you have to deal with picking up candy all over the ground, but it also tends to bring on a crying child. I love the quality of this trick or treat bag. I know that the last thing I have to worry about is it ripping or breaking. It is also very lightweight so it is easy for children to carry around on their own. Since it is so lightweight it still feels light in a child's hand even when candy is added!

I am so happy with this trick or treat bag and I know that this bag is going to last us for years to come! I love that it is one of a kind and that we are supporting a small business owner by using it! I know that many are going to ask us where we got it when we head out trick or treating this year! 

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  1. 2 bags of candy fit in there?! That's amazing! Since I buy Madison's costumes at the Disney Store I usually get her the matching bags with her name monogrammed. I love this one though. I will have to check out the store and see what else they have.