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Painted Pinecones

Fall is here!!! Fall is definitely our favorite season in my house. We love the changing leaves, the crisp weather, pumpkin carving, apple picking, and more! We also love taking walks in the fall and collecting some of nature's treasures like leaves, pinecones, and acorns. After we collect these treasures we never know what to do with them all, so this year we decided to make some painted pinecones. We loved doing this super simple craft and they are perfect to include in our fall centerpiece! 

What you need:
Metal pans (we bought two)

Start off by putting some paint in the tray in a zig-zag way so that all of the colors are somewhat blended. Place a pinecone in the center of  the tray. Tip the tray back and forth to move the pinecone around and get it covered in paint.

Mia loved doing this craft! She loved watching the pinecones get covered in paint and have somewhat of a tie dye look to them.

After doing a few she got creative and decided to do pinecones at once. She loved watching them get painted at the same time!

Once you are done with a pinecone set it to the side to dry. We used one of the lids of the trays to set them in to dry. Once they are dry you can use them as a centerpiece, put them around the house as decorations, turn them into a wreath, or put them outside as an outdoor decoration! 

We hope that you enjoy this craft as much as we did! 

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  1. You did a fantastic job with these. We have't really been doing much crafty things lately and will have to step up my game because Madison just loves doing them. We'll have to share them with you.