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I stand with Syrian Refugees and it does not make me unAmerican

I tend to shy away from political issues on here because I do not want to offend or upset our readers. Today though I realized that sometimes I need to use the opportunity that I have to use my voice and make my voice heard. 

Photo credit Jennifer Lovallo

I say this loudly and I say this proudly, I stand with Syrian Refugees. I also stand with the people left behind suffering in Syria. 

I have heard a lot of comments regarding my stance, many of which include calling me or my thoughts unAmerican. In my opinion the way that I feel is completely American.

I feel great pride to come from a country filled with cultural and religious diversity. A country that we should feel safe from persecution because of religious, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds. I am proud to live in a country where we have freedoms and if our freedoms are violated we have the ability so stand up for them. As an American I have watched us come to the aide of other countries, I have seen us take in refugees and immigrants, and I have witnessed great and selfless acts of compassion and kindness. To me the greatest thing about being American is our willingness to help the world, to say we are humans and need to stand together. Being American has taught me to appreciate all that we have, it has taught me to be willing to give to our neighbors, it has taught me empathy, and strength. Being American has taught me that I have access to so much in a country full of possibility, full of freedom. So to me, standing with Syrian refugees is the most American thing to do.

Photo credit Jennifer Lovallo

In Syria they do not have the option to stand up for their freedom, because if they do they face persecution. Refugees are fleeing their country to escape violence because they are fighting for greater freedom and democracy. Extremists from neighboring countries have entered Syria and are taking over large parts of the country. They are threatening violence against anyone who does not agree with their extremist views, this includes both Muslims and Christians, Everyday people are caught in this crossfire, people who are uninvolved in what is going on are being killed. Clean water is nearly impossible to come by, cities are being demolished, schools are ruined, they do not have enough food, and hospitals are short on supplies. 

Since the beginning of this conflict over 4 million people have fled Syria, most of which are women and children. It is the largest refugee crisis in recent history. Over 7,000 children have been killed since this conflict started and over 1 million children are currently seeking refuge in neighboring countries. We need to help the innocent people fleeing Syria and the ones left behind in danger. We especially need to save the children who do not have much of a chance at a future unless people step in and help. Unless other countries stand up and say "We will not let you be ignored." 

Photo credit Jennifer Lovallo

Every time I think of the incomprehensible acts going on in Syria I cannot help but to cry. I cannot even fathom the things that those fleeing and those left behind are feeling. The thought of leaving your home country and worrying that other countries will not let you in is heartbreaking. The thought of children begging for food, water, warmer clothing, blankets, anything to help them survive is unfathomable.

So you can say that my feelings are unAmerican. You can also say that I need to worry more about my own country. You can say whatever you wish, but I will continue to worry about humanity as a whole. I will continue to stand with pride for my country while caring and worrying about other countries going through crisis. I will continue to stand with Syrian refugees and those left behind.

*All photos are being used with permission from Jennifer Lovallo, an amazing woman who traveled to help bring supplies to refugees. Read about her experience HERE. *

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