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A Letter to My Daughter's New Teacher

The end of the summer is here and for most children school has started or will be starting within the next few days. My daughter is so excited to be back in school but I am not so excited. Having her home for the summer reminded me of what it was like before she started school. During the days while my husband worked it was Mia and I against the world, ready to take on anything life threw at us because no matter what I was here to protect her. Below is my "letter" to Mia's new teacher. The letter I would never send but is full of all of the things that I am thinking currently. A letter that I am sure other parents can relate to. 

Dear New Teacher,

School started a few days ago and students are ready for it to get in full swing. Some kids are so excited for first grade and others dreading it. I know that you are probably anxious but also so happy to get to know new children and be a big part of a of these children's lives. 

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't a little bit jealous that now it is your turn to spend the day with my daughter, to help her grow, and to teach her new things. As a stay at home mom I got used to her being home with me again and I'm not ready for another another school year and sending her off again. I am torn between the emotions of excitement for her to face this new year of new adventures and sadness that my baby is getting older.

Before school is really in full swing I want to warn you that I am "that mom". I am the mom who is a little bit overprotective and a little bit too worried. It is really hard for me to place all of my trust into someone who I hardly know, but I can tell that you are up for the task of taking care of my daughter, just like you have many students before her. 

I am sure that you will quickly learn about my daughter's love of reading and her eagerness to learn as much as possible. You will realize that she talks a lot, actually, pretty much non-stop. I am sure that you will see she is so caring and so helpful. I am sure that you will learn these things because I can tell that you care and because you want to learn these things about your students. 

Just like last year I plan to be there for book fairs, holiday sales, class parties, and anything else can I help with (I know you have seen me around the hallways). I will send emails, I will call, and I will set up conferences. I will send in extra supplies if you need them, I will volunteer for anything that you need to me to and I will always be there for drop off and pick up in case you want to talk to me about something involving my little girl. None of this is because I am worried about the way that you are teaching my daughter. I will do this because I want to know how my daughter is doing, how I can help her to do better, and how I can make your job easier.

It is so important to me that my daughter recognizes that I am here to support you. I want her to understand that while home and school may be separate communities we are working together. That we are part of the same team doing everything we can to make her future the best possible. I want my daughter to respect you as much as she respects me and listen to your rules as much as she listens to mine. And most of all I want her to know that I respect you.

So in advance, thank you. Thank you for dealing with me and thank you for understanding. Thank you for working hard to make my daughter's first grade year as wonderful as possible. Thank you for helping her continue to love school and love to learn. I already know that it is going to be a great year. 

-Alexandra (aka Mia's mom) 

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