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Wishenpoof - An Amazon original series for Preschoolers!

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of KidzVuz and Wishenpoof. 
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Wishenpoof is a 13 episode animated preschool series created by Angela C. Santomero (the creator of of shows like Blue's Clues, Creative Galaxy, and Super Why!) available for Amazon Prime members! Wishenpoof revolves around Bianca as she solves life's problems in her own ways because with magic or without we all have the power to make good choices. This magical adventure helps to teach children lessons through imaginative play such as how to solve problems in creative ways! I am so excited that we were lucky enough to get to watch Wishenpoof before it became available on Amazon! As soon as Mia and I watched Wishenpoof I knew that our readers were going to love it!

There are a lot of things that I loved about Wishenpoof but the first thing that really stood out to me is that the animation is adorable. It is full of bright colors and fun places that keep children entertained. The opening theme song is also very cute and catchy. I loved all of the adventures that Bianca and Bob (her teddy bear) take in each episode. Some of their adventures include under the sea, visiting a jungle, and venturing to an enchanted forest. I also love that in each episode there is a song about problem solving and handling the situation that was discussed throughout the episode.

My daughter, Mia, is six years old. One thing that is a top priority to me is teaching her how to try to solve life's problems on her own before I intervene. It is really important to me to show Mia that I am always here for her to help her with any problem but that it is very important for her to try on her own first. I love that in Wishenpoof Bianca's parents or her teddy bear Bob are always there to help her when she needs them to, but that she takes their advice to creatively problem solve on her own. 

I love when shows that my daughter watches teach her lessons throughout them and help to teach positive social skills. While watching Wishenpoof there were so many different things that my daughter learned. Some of the lessons she took from only a few episodes are:

Always keep trying
You can help people to believe in themselves
Take a moment to listen to others
If you see something that isn't right you can say something

Mia absolutely loved everything about Wishenpoof. She loved watching Bianca make wishes and use magic, all of the adventures that Bianca went on, how Bianca helped her friends, and every silly moment. I think that her favorite part was Bianca's relationship with her teddy bear, Bob. Mia has a stuffed animal best friend so she really enjoyed seeing a character with a best friend similar to hers! 

Beginning August 14, Amazon Prime members can watch episodes of Wishenpoof ad-free with the Amazon Video app for TVs, connected devices and mobile devices, or online at at no additional cost to their membership. Customers who are not already Prime members can sign up for a free trial at
Wishenpoof will also be available as part of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, the all-you-can-eat subscription service designed from the ground up for kids. FreeTime Unlimited is available exclusively on Amazon devices including Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, and a year-long subscription is included with every Fire HD Kids Edition.

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