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Pack Lunches with Thermos

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As a mom of a fairly picky eater it is really important to me to have lots of different options for lunches for my daughter to take to school. This means that it is important to be able to pack food that will stay hot or cold and drinks that will be cold for her throughout the day. Thermos makes this easy for me! Thermos is the leading manufacturer of insulated food and beverage containers, children's lunch kits, other innovative consumer products. Whenever I need a product to keep food hot or cold I immediately turn to Thermos! I know that their quality is the best out there! 

This week is my daughter's first week back to school and it is supposed to be in the 90's all week! She is allowed to keep water at her desk so I like to make sure that it is cold for her all day. With the FUNtainer Bottle from Thermos her water stays cold for 8 hours, meaning it is cold the whole day that she in school. It is also perfect for when we plan a day out! It holds 12oz which is perfect for her throughout the afternoon. 

I am obsessed with the FUNtainer Food Jar from Thermos! This 10oz jar holds the perfect amount of food for my daughter for lunches and keeps food hot or cold! In this container food can stay hot for 5 hours and cold for 7 hours. I love that it gives me so many options such as mac and cheese, pasta, salads, chicken nuggets, sliced veggies, etc and that it will stay the perfect temperature for her all day. At first I was little bit skeptical that food would really stay warm for 5 hours so I put it to the test. I put some mac and cheese in at at noon and checked back at 5:45. The food in the container was still warm and my daughter took a spoonful and said that it was a food temperature. I know that this will be perfect for her days in school!

We absolutely love Thermos products. These items make packing lunches easier for me and 
I am sure that they will make it easier for you as well! 

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