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Head Back to School with Crayola

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The first day of school has come and gone for many children and is approaching for others, meaning that many families are gathering up supplies for their children's school supply lists! When I was in elementary school there were a few things on the list every year - crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Whenever I thought of these products my mind always went to the yellow and green boxes, aka Crayola! My daughter is getting ready to enter first grade and we are school supply shopping for her, when I saw these items on her list I knew exactly which brand I was heading for!

I think that it is fair to say that Crayola art supplies have a quality far above other brands. I know that when I purchase their products they are going to last a while, provide vibrant color, be non-toxic, and make whatever project we are doing more fun! 

When I was younger Crayola was best known for it's classic products but as time has passed they have expanded their line with awesome product after awesome product! Now when you see Crayola products on the shelves there are no longer only crayons and markers, there are dry erase products, Color Wonder products, Color Alive sets, and way more! Crayola is constantly coming out with innovative items so that they are interesting to today's children! 

I was so excited to team up with Crayola for Back to School because we just love their products! We always buy Crayola products for the new school year, to fill Mia's stocking with at Christmas time, and to put in her Easter basket, not to mention every time we just see something cool! I remember the first Crayola products that we purchased when my daughter was around a year old, triangle shaped crayons! She would sit on the floor and color on a floor pad for hours. Her love of art has only grown since, and I think that Crayola has a lot to do with that! We love Crayola and the way that they encourage creativity! 

Mia wanted to film a video about her favorite Crayola product - Ultra Clean Washable Markers! We discovered these last year and when I read that they were Ultra Clean I had to put them to the test. Knowing how often children take to the walls to color I decided to draw on the walls myself! I left my drawing there for a few minutes, took a cleaning wipe to try to remove it, and every bit came right off of the wall. Imagine Mia's surprise when the next day I handed her the pack and told her that she could color on the wall! A year later Mia still loves these markers and she wanted to show you how cool she thinks they are! She did amazingly for it being her first video! 

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  1. Aww, She's adorable. I really need to get "Ultra Washable" stuff for the twins... they like to color on everything, and we have to really watch them when they get the markers out. You are definitely right though.. Crayola FTW!

  2. We have the Ultra Washable Stuff for our kids and it is true. Comes off everything! My daughter decided to tattoo herself one day and I had a heart attack until I remembered we had purchased the Ultra Washable Markers. They came right off!