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Encourage Girls in STEM with Lakeshore

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If you have been following along with our blog for a while you have probably seen my previous posts regarding how passionate I am about encouraging girls who are interested in STEM. When I became a parent I never expected this to be something that I care so deeply about. As a very english and history minded person sciences and maths never came particularly easy to me and weren't something that I was interested in. And then I had my daughter, a little girl who has been talking about being a veterinarian, engineer, or architect since she was able to talk. She does math quickly in her head, is constantly talking about science concepts, and probably knows more about these subjects than I do, which is actually kind of sad since she is six and I am much older, haha. 

 I quickly learned that there are very few science products that are geared towards girls or even gender neutral, most are very much geared towards boys. So on the hunt I went to find items that appeal to my daughter, that show her she has a place in these science and math fields, and that she enjoys using. In my hunt I learned that the best place for me to find these products is Lakeshore. They have a wide range of science and math products, and the best part is that they are not geared towards a specific gender, but just to encourage children to enjoy learning. We were so excited to be able to work with Lakeshore on a review of their Beginner's Science Kit. The second it came in the mail my daughter was thrilled and could not wait to begin experimenting. You can find the Beginner's Science Kit HERE

The Beginner's Science Kit from Lakeshore includes step-by-step directions for children to complete 12 simple experiments. In the package you receive all of the items in the photo above. I was really impressed with the experiments in this kit and with the fact that pretty much everything is included. I have looked into other science kits in the past and in the reviews there were so many comments about the kit needing so many other items that I decided not to purchase them. The only things not provided in this kit are common household items such as vinegar, liquid laundry detergent, salt, and a few others that you can find around your home. I was also really glad that the experiments ranged in difficulty, though all perfect for beginners. The first experiment that we did was easy enough for my daughter to do her own and the second she needed minimal help. It was great to be able to see her read the instructions and follow the directions to complete the experiment.

First experiment we did with the Beginner's Science Kit
Second experiment we did with the Beginner's Science Kit

Lakeshore is the perfect place to go for a wide variety of learning products. Their items range in age from babies to sixth grade and cover a variety of skills and concepts. 

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