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Benefits of Play + Take the Play Pledge!

*This is sponsored post for the Toy Industry Association regarding The Genius of Play and their Play Pledge! I received monetary compensation in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

To adults children may just be playing but the time and ways that children play are actually incredibly crucial to their development. The skills that children learn through play will continue to help them throughout their lives. Children play with their toys in different ways and those different types of play teach different skills. The Toy Industry Association wants to encourage families to bring play back into children's lives!

Join us and other families across the country and take the play pledge HERE! Once the goal of 1,000,000 hours of pledged play are reached $10,000 worth of toys will be donated to The Toy Bank to support play for children in need! 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of free play! 

Play has changed dramatically since I was a child. When I was younger my mom would say "go play" and I would. Whether I was running around outside, playing with dolls, building with blocks, or coloring I kept myself busy with things that I enjoyed doing. Many parents of today's generation keep play directed and structured giving children minimal time to use creativity to come up with something to play on their own. The different ways that children play impact their growth so it is very important to give children unstructured play time! It also gives you a break to make a meal, do some housework, or even relax!

It is really important to me that my daughter engages in different types of play. We make this possible for her by providing a variety of toys and products to play with. Some of the ways of play that my daughter prefers the most are  role playing, playing outdoors, building toys, using technological products, imaginative playing, and crafts! Sometimes she isn't sure what to play so I will give her ideas of what to play with to help her get creative and come up with something fun to do with that toy on her own! 

One of Mia's favorite activities she came up with on a whim just from the toys that she has around her room! I always keep kinetic sand in her room in an under the bed storage tote to prevent a mess while she plays, one day when she told me that she wasn't sure what to play I told her to take out her kinetic sand. My suggestion led to her playing with her construction vehicles in the sand for hours! Sometimes all that children need is a little push to give them an idea that will become one of their favorite ways to play!

As parents it is our responsibility to give children the time, space, and tools needed so that they can enjoy unstructured play. When children have a variety of different toys and when they are encouraged to "go play" the benefits are endless. Some of the benefits include better communication and social skills, increased creativity, and developed cognitive and physical abilities. Learn more about the benefits of play HERE!  Also watch the adorable cartoon video below about some benefits of playing with action figures! You can find more of these videos on the Genius of Play YouTube page! 

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