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The Lessons That I Took Home From Blogger Bash!

Last year as a newbie blogger I made the best decision ever and Gina and I attended Blogger Bash. When we got there I was completely overwhelmed and felt like I was in way over my head, but gathered up my fear and we had tons of fun and learned a lot. The opportunities and growth that we have seen since last year is astronomical and after last year's Blogger Bash I found my writing voice and fell in love with writing more heartfelt posts. This year for Blogger Bash I felt way more prepared and was so excited and prepared to make connections, have lots of fun, and learn as much as possible. 

Since starting to blog I have learned a lot both about blogging and about the blogging community but there is always more to learn. At Blogger Bash this year I learned a lot but I also had the importance of some things that I already knew reiterated. Below are the most important lessons that I took home from Blogger Bash and that I hope others did as well.

Be you, be authentic: There are so many blogs out there, millions of them. One of the most important thing that you can do in the blogging world is to be you, be authentic, find your voice and be that voice. If there is something that you love, something that you are passionate about, something that you think people need to see write about it. The best way to build your audience is by showing them exactly who you are.

Empower other women: Once I started blogging I learned quickly that to many bloggers blogging is a competition. For many it is about who gets what opps, who gets what products, who gets to go to what event. What many of those people do not realize is that it is so much better to help build others up than to tear others down. The best way to succeed in the blogging world is to have a community of other bloggers that stand behind you and what you stand for, who are willing to help you grow and you are willing to help grow, and that are looking out for your best interests while you look out for theirs. Instead of ripping other women down take time to build other women up. Empower each other.

Blogging is about way more than *stuff*: Blogging is really hard work, anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, haha. For our time and hard work a lot of bloggers expect to receive compensation whether it be monetarily or through product. Since for many of us it is our livelihood I completely understand, but sometimes sharing an important cause or using your voice for social good is more important than the compensation that you receive. Am I saying to post everything for free? No way, that is completely crazy and most of us would be poor. I am saying if there is a cause shared with you that you think others should know about share it, without compensation, without stuff. Share it for the relationship, share it for yourself, share it to be a voice for others who may not be able to have that voice.

Respect others in order to gain respect: The relationships that you build from blogging are incredibly important whether they are with a brand/sponsor or with another blogger. One of the most important things to make these relationships successful is respect. Respect each others time and work, show each other that you respect them enough to listen to what they say and trust their opinions. During events take time to listen when reps are saying and show that you are interested in and care about what they are saying. When you meet other bloggers show that you are interested in having a friendship. None of these relationships can start or continue without respect.

Relationships are key: If you search through most blogs you can see that they have worked with lots of companies at different points throughout their career but also many of the same people. Working like this is an important way to get your name out there and also the perfect way to start and continue relationships. When you are a blogger it is incredibly important to build relationships with the people that you work with. Having companies, PR reps, and even other bloggers that you can go back and talk to or work with again is so incredibly important in the blogging world.

Blog for your readers, but more importantly, blog for you: As a blogger it is really important to write things that your readers will want to read. Most bloggers have certain types of post that go over well and make readers want to come back. Writing for your readers can only go so far though. If you only write for your readers eventually you will run out of things to say, you will run out of ideas, you will get to a point where you aren't passionate about what you write and writing will feel like a chore. When you learn to write for yourself as well as your readers it will come across that you enjoy writing and what you are writing about and blogging will stay enjoyable.

I hope that these lessons are helpful for you in your blogging career.
I cannot wait to share my Blogger Bash: Sweet Suite recap soon!

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