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Ways to Encourage Summer Learning

With summer vacation now in full swing something important to me is my daughter learning but also making sure that she has a fun and relaxing summer. I have seen many posts about parents making a full schedule for their children during the summer but after months of school and schedules I would rather mostly go with the flow while including some structure, so we fit in summer learning everywhere we can. Below are some ways we fit in educational activities to encourage summer learning!

Take fun and educational trips: We love taking day trips to places like museums, science centers, and zoos! These types of trips are a great way to learn while having fun. At the zoo talk about each animals habitat and about their diets. At museums and science centers talk about each exhibit. Talking about the things that you see will help your children to learn about them.

Visits to the library and summer reading: Many libraries have programs over the summer for children to see. These programs are a great way for children to learn new things, they are typically fun and hands on as well. Another great way to encourage summer learning is through reading. Many libraries have summer reading programs for children and offer rewards for how many books children read. If your library doesn't offer a summer reading program you can create your own and give your children rewards of your choice after they reach reading goals.

Educational toys and products: Educational toys are a great way for your children to learn while having fun. Stores like Lakeshore Learning (HERE), Educational Insights (HERE), and more have lots of products for a variety of age groups to encourage learning through play! 

Play board games: Learning is more than only math or reading, it is also skills like sharing, taking turns, and following rules. A great way to continue these behaviors during the summer is by playing board or card games. These types of games encourage family time while helping your children to continue to use positive behavior.

Give computer and tablet time: While it is really important to limit screen time when it comes to the computer and tablets they are a great learning source for children if they are playing the right games. Over the summer I give my daughter more computer and tablet time than normal with access to mostly educational games. Not only does she learn from these games but it gives me a bit of time to get things done like dishes or vacuuming the house.

Do workbooks:  Since I do like my daughter to continue learning and to remember the skills she has already learned we take one day a week and devote an hour or two to doing some worksheets from a grade appropriate workbook. Sometimes she even asks to do some worksheets on other days. You can find lots of different types of workbooks on Amazon, in bookstores, and in places like Target or Walmart. 

I hope that these tips to encourage summer learning 
work well for you and your children!

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