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Turn to Charmin When Entertaining this Summer!

*I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All content and thoughts are my own.* 

Summer is here and as soon as the summer approaches I get ready for lots of entertaining by picking up some essentials! One item that we absolutely need to stay stocked up during the summer is toilet tissue! Between playdates, barbecues, parties, and having friends over people are constantly going in and out of my house, meaning that they are using my bathroom so lots of toilet tissue is being used!! We don’t stay stocked up on just any toilet tissue though, we turn to our number one choice, Charmin!

Charmin is the number one choice of Roto-Rooter because it is septic-safe and has a clog-free guarantee! Charmin is proud to carry Roto-Rooter’s stamp of approval! Charmin's guarantee means that although people are often using my bathroom I don't have to worry about the toilet being clogged! Like most other moms I have experienced having children over and one of them using too much toilet tissue leading to a clogged toilet. The last thing that I want my guests to think about when they think of my event is a clogged toilet, I want them to think of how awesome my gathering was! When we use Charmin we don’t have to worry about our toilet that problem! Since I don't have to worry about the toilet being clogged I get to relax and enjoy my gatherings without interruption!

Not only is Charmin safe for your toilet but it feels nice and soft on your tushie! My daughter loves that Charmin is softer than bargain brand toilet tissue! Not only is Charmin the number one choice of my family but it is the number one choice of our guests as well! Charmin is also used by plumbers more often than any other brand, meaning that it is the expert’s choice! I only have one request for my guests, please don't squeeze the Charmin!

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