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Tips to Make Your Morning Routine Easier

I don't know about at your house but at mine mornings can often be quite chaotic. All that I can do is work my hardest to enjoy my coffee and not pull my hair out, haha. I figure I can't possibly be the only one who suffers my way through crazy mornings so wanted to share some tips to make your morning routine a little bit easier and more enjoyable!

Have easy breakfasts available: I know that it sounds easier said than done but there are many easy breakfasts that can be healthy and planned ahead. If you search Pinterest for "make ahead breakfasts" there are many ideas such as casseroles, overnight oatmeal, and even sandwiches. Other great ideas that you can make the night before (some even on Sunday to prepare for the week) are muffins, granola bars, hard boiled eggs, and fruit, granola, and yogurt parfaits. You could even set aside cereal in small bags so that it is easy to put right into a bowl and add milk to or even for children to eat right out of the bag.

Lay out clothing the night before: At my house one of the biggest morning battles is figuring out what my daughter is wearing. Between Mia wanting to wear something specific or me not realizing that we have clothing in her closed that doesn't fit her anymore it can take us a bit for her to get dressed. We have saved so much time by setting out her clothes and shoes the night before. Now right after breakfast she brushes her teeth, gets dressed, and puts on her shoes.

Put homework materials into backpacks as soon as you are done doing homework: Most days after school (unless we have something come up) we follow the same schedule. Mia comes in from school, takes off her shoes, washes her hands, grabs a drink and a snack, and then we do homework. I always make sure that as soon as we are done with her homework we put her folder, any books, notebooks, or paperwork into her backpack so that we do not have to search for anything in the morning. This saves us a ton of time and makes it so that we know everything gets handed in!

Have lunches and snacks ready to grab: In kindergarten Mia has a snack time and lunch. Since I prepare lunch for her I have to make sure that we have both ready for her to take in the morning. I have snacks either in single packs or bagged individually so that it is easy to grab while I am getting her lunch and snack together. You can see more info on how I set everything up HERE. I will also pack ahead any parts of her lunch that I can such as fruits and veggies, and cold cuts. I also cut the fruits and veggies that I can on Sunday to make the rest of the week easier for me.

Put everything that you need for the day by the door: One thing that saves us tons of time is having Mia's backpack, lunchbox, my purse, and coats right near the door. Doing this makes everything easy to grab and also helps us not to forget anything!

Develop a schedule: If you have a lot of people who get ready in your house in the morning a schedule may be helpful. I am not talking about exact times for each person to do a certain thing, more of a routine. Set a time for wake up and a time that you will be leaving the house. Plan who would shower in what order or the order that teeth will be brushed. Something else helpful could be asking children to only spend a certain amount of time in the bathroom if possible so that they do everything quickly instead of taking way too much time. Once a  routine is developed it should be easier for yourself and your children to get ready every morning. 

Have a bedtime routine: Something else that has really helped here is having a somewhat strict bedtime routine. My daughter knows what time she should brush her teeth, get on pajamas, and climb into bed. Some days she does get some extra time before bedtime but mostly it is the same. This schedule helps to ensure that my daughter gets a wonderful night of sleep which makes mornings less cranky and full of more smiles.

I hope that these tips to make your morning routine easier help your family and make mornings a little bit brighter!

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