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Making Amazing Discoveries with Lakeshore

A few days ago my family and I were lucky enough to attend an event to see an exclusive sneak peek of some of Lakeshore's newest educational games, hands-on learning toys, building sets, and more!  My daughter, Mia, and I often visit our local Lakeshore store so as soon as we got the invitation to attend the event I knew that we had to go; plus, who doesn't love seeing awesome new products and getting to play with them?! 

The minute my daughter walked into the event she was in awe! She loved seeing the new products that will be available in each category and being able to touch and play with them. My husband and I really enjoyed seeing the new items as well. We love being actively involved in our daughter's education, so it was great to see products that we can bring into our home to encourage her to continue learning, especially since it is almost time for her summer vacation. I love that products from Lakeshore are developed with educators and that classroom experience is applied into the creation of each product. This helps to ensure that children will be learning while having fun! 

Below are some of the awesome products that have debuted at Lakeshore or will be heading into stores (and be available online) soon! All of the items from Lakeshore have really reasonable prices and there are products available for a variety of ages. Their products will also encourage your child to make new discoveries and learn through play! 

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