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First Response Early Result Pregnancy Tests with Comfort Sure Design

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When testing for pregnancy, tests from First Response are always my go-to! Their tests are designed to detect hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) throughout pregnancy, even as early as six days before your missed period! Many other brands of pregnancy tests can be hard to read, but First Response tests are simple - two pink lines is a positive, as easy as that. One of my absolute favorite thing about tests from First Response is that you can use them any time of day. There is no need to wait until right after you wake up in the morning to test, you can use it any time of day that you want to. 

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Tests are now even better than they were before! First Response recently introduced their Comfort Sure Design which completely reinvents the straight stick pregnancy tests many are used to. This new Comfort Sure Design has a curved shape designed to fit perfectly into a woman's hand and make gripping the test easier. The tip of the new Comfort Sure Design test is 50% wider and the handle is longer to make testing easier and more comfortable.

As someone who is trying to conceive and taking many pregnancy tests I can tell you first hand, using a straight stick pregnancy test is uncomfortable and awkward. Between finding the right angle, trying not to pee on your hand (gross, I know, but seriously, it happens sometimes), and making sure not to drop the test taking older tests was far from comfortable. I recently used one of the new First Response tests with Comfort Sure Design to see if there was a big difference between straight stick tests and this new design. I knew before I took the test that I wasn't pregnant but didn't want to talk to our readers about the test without actually trying it out. I was really impressed with this new design and how simple using this test was. First Response has truly reinvented the straight stick pregnancy test design in an amazing way!

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  1. I had to take a pregnancy test once... and It was awful. The straight stick is such a poor design. Love that they are finally catching on to make the design easier to use!

  2. I am so happy to see they have changed the testing stick a little bit! First Response is definitely the stick I will use with my next go at conceiving. Good Luck on your end!

  3. I actually remember using this test but not the redesigned one when I was pregnant with my youngest. It worked then too so I'm sure that it works even better now. Here's hoping that you get that double line soon.

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  7. Cool! Unfortunately I did not see this pregnancy test here in the Philippines yet.

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