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Turn Clean Upside Down with CleanPath!

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Every so often a product comes along that I am obsessed with and right now that product is absolutely CleanPath!

CleanPath is a new line of concentrate cleaners made from premium ingredients. The ingredients used are good for your home and family while not lacking in the performance department. What really sets CleanPath apart is their reusable bottles and refill pods, but I will tell you a bit more about that later! Basically, like their website says, their products are hardworking cleaners with a conscience.

CleanPath makes a variety of products all of which work well and smell wonderful! Their household cleaning products available are Multi-Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, and Glass Cleaner. CleanPath also makes Foaming Hand Soap and Foaming Hand Sanitizer. You can see their product list and learn more about their products HERE!

Now some more about their reusable bottles and refill pods! When you first purchase CleanPath products you should purchase a a reusable bottle which comes with a pod attached. Each pod makes three bottles of cleaner, hand soap, or hand sanitizer. To use flip the reusable bottle upside down and squeeze the refill pod until the concentrate fills the built in measuring cup. Turn the bottle right side up, add water to fill line, close the bottle, and give it a little shake! Now you are ready to go! When you run out of cleaner in the bottle repeat those steps. You only need to replace the pod once it is empty! To replace unscrew the empty pod and attach the new one! 

As soon as I had CleanPath products in my hands I could not wait to use them! I got my bottle of Multi-Purpose Cleaner ready and started to clean! I was really impressed with the results and loved the scent! I love how much money CleanPath is going to save me, but I love that I am helping reduce the amount of plastic that my home is using even more. I also love that the ingredients in CleanPath products raise less need for concern than most other cleaning products on the market. 

I recently brought a glass cleaner bottle and the hand soap to my grandma's house to show her these products and she fell in love! She said something that I never even thought about, that CleanPath products are amazing for older people (or anyone) who are unable to carry heavy grocery bags or cannot get to the store often. When you purchase CleanPath products they are quite light since the bottle is empty other than the refill pod making it perfect for transport! Since each refill pod makes three bottles of cleaner or hand soap you don't have to worry right away about running out quickly! Needless to say since she was so impressed I let her keep the bottles that I brought to show her and I am planning to purchase more for myself. She got the Foaming Hand Soap ready to use while I was still there and put it by her kitchen sink. When I washed my hands later in the day I became instantly obsessed with the scent and cannot wait to get a bottle for myself!

CleanPath items are available exclusively at Walmart in over 2000 locations and on The reusable bottle with attached pod retails for around $3.58 and the refill pods retail for about $2.28. These prices are amazing since each refill pod makes three bottles!

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  1. $2.28 per bottle definitely isn't bad at all! I'll have to remember to check these out the next time I'm at the store :)

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