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Make Meal Time Toddlerific with Zak! Designs!

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All parents know the trouble of having dishes thrown or spilled at mealtime. How many times have your handed your child a bowl only for it to be tipped over? How often are your children unable to use a spoon or fork because it is uncomfortable in their hands or because they cannot pick up food well with it? I am sure there are tons of time that your child has spilled a sippy cup that says it is a spill proof. Zak Designs has come to save the day with their new Toddlerific children's dining line! This dining line is completely toddler friendly and is sure to make meal time a little bit easier and cleaner! Read more about these awesome products and enter our giveaway to win your own Toddlerific Meal Time set!

Toddlerific plates and bowls are perfect for children. They are microwave safe and the decal does not touch the food service area. These dishes are also designed with a stable base so that it does not tip and the inside corners and edges make it easy for children to scoop food. The Toddlerific flatware set has arched comfort grip handles that help little ones to grip and hold their utensils. Like the dishes, these utensils also have curved edges so that it is easier for toddlers. The Monkey Sippy Cup is perfect for toddlers. You are able to adjust the flow with the Perfect Flo valve as your child grows. It is also spill and leak proof, as well as an insulated anti-sweat design. Buy Toddlerific products from Zak Designs HERE!

Zak Designs was started in 1976 and since then they have been committed to making mealtime fun for people around the world. They work to make their products innovative and fashionable while being committed to meeting high standards and providing affordable prices. Zak Designs also goes to great lengths to endure that their products meet state, federal, and international regulations and standards, including the standards established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Zak Designs products are available in popular retailers such as Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more! Some of their products include serveware, kitchen tools, and products for on the go! Zak Designs has a perfect item for item whether you are are looking for something for hosting a party, something to bring food to someone else's home, or dishes for your children. Visit the Zak Designs website HERE!

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