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Feel Refreshed with Tradewinds Unsweetened Flavored Teas!

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With the warm weather beginning to appear in my area we are finally able to spend more time outdoors barbecuing and playing in the yard. While spending a long day in the sun we make sure to stay hydrated and keep around beverages that are refreshing and thirst-quenching! Tradewinds Slow Brewed Iced Tea is the perfect go-to beverage for hot summer days (or any day for that matter). 

Tradewinds is a company known for its high quality slow brewed iced tea. Now they are unveiling a guilt-free way for tea lovers to enjoy tea! The Unsweetened varieties of Tradewinds have 100% natural flavors, zero calories, no added sugar or sweeteners, and are slow brewed with high-quality tea leaves to give each sip its signature flavor. The three flavors available are Unsweetened with Lemon, Unsweetened with Peach, and Unsweetened with Raspberry You can find these new flavors sold in one-gallon containers at select retailers (including Walmart and Target) nationwide!

I drink a lot of iced tea, it is definitely my favorite beverage. Typically I am not a fan of unsweetened teas because in my experience they taste bitter or lack in flavor. As I poured myself a glass of Tradewinds Unsweetened flavored tea I expected to have to add sugar but was pleasantly surprised with the taste! These iced teas are not bitter at all and have the perfect amount of fruit and tea flavor. I love that Tradewinds iced tea is all natural, so I know what ingredients are included in my tea! These teas were the perfect beverage to have at a barbecue because not only are they tasty, they are refreshing. I absolutely love Tradewinds Unsweetened teas and will be purchasing more during my next trip to the grocery store!

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