It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Teach Kids to Save with Boiling Springs Savings Bank!


Teach Kids to Save with Boiling Springs Savings Bank!

*This post is sponsored by Boiling Springs Savings Bank. 
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Did you know that April is National Kids Savings Month?! This month is a perfect opportunity to take time and teach your little ones about how important it is to save money!

From the time that Mia was much smaller she has loved coins and saving them! She has always had a piggy bank and has always enjoyed putting any coins that she found into it. My mother, my husband, and myself would often leave spare change on the dining room table for her to take and save. One of her favorite gifts ever is a bank that counts her coins as she inserts them. While we often talk to Mia about the importance of saving money for the future we think the next steps in teaching her about saving money is to open her up a savings account!

Boiling Springs Savings Bank has a great savings account for depositors under the age of 18. The Boiling Bucks Savings Account is easy for children since there is no minimum balance required and no monthly fee. With this account children are allowed to make unlimited deposits and withdrawals, they also earn interest monthly! If children open their account with $10 or more Boiling Springs Savings Bank will give them a $10 bonus deposited into their account! To help make saving fun they are also giving children who open a savings account a coloring book and crayons, as well as a piggy bank!

Below is a video that you can watch with your little ones before opening an account at Boiling Springs Savings Bank! This video is a perfect way for your children to learn about the account that they are going to open!

We are heading to our local Boiling Springs Savings Bank in Clifton, NJ later this week to open up a Boiling Bucks Savings Account for Mia and she is so excited! Be sure to keep an eye on our FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM where we will be sharing the experience of opening her account with you!

Learn more about the Boiling Bucks Savings Account HERE!

Find a Boiling Springs Savings Bank near you HERE!

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