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Mom Tip Thursday - DIY Lego Table

My daughter absolutely loves Legos. She will spend hours at a time sitting and building pieces and playing with her figures. A few months ago she asked me for a Lego table. After plenty of time spent searching I came across a few but most were crazy expensive. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a table that I didn't know how long my daughter would enjoy, so off to Pinterest I went. After some searching I came across a simple DIY Lego table and decided to give it a shot. It was so easy to make and has provided my daughter with hours of fun. One of the best parts though was that it didn't break the bank. This table was only about $45 to make and only took about ten minutes to assemble. This Lego table is perfect for any Lego lover!

What You Need:
Four Lego Classic 10x10 green base plates (FIND THEM HERE)
Ikea Lack side table (FIND THEM HERE)
Gorilla Super Glue (FIND IT HERE)
Eight Lego 2x3 or 2x4 pieces

 Building the Lack side table was super simple. All that you have to do is screw the legs into the top. One of my favorite things about this side table is that Ikea has about 10 different color choices so there is a table that will match any playroom or children's room. Once the table is assembled take the four 10x10 base plates and lay them out. Use the eight 2x3 or 2x4 pieces to hold together each end that the base plates connect in order to assure that Lego pieces will be able to connect properly to the table. Put some of the Gorilla Super Glue over the table where you want the pieces to go. Put the entire large square formed by the four base plates on the table. Allow to dry for about 20 minutes. Once the base plates don't seem to move or shift they will be dry and you can remove the smaller pieces. It is then ready to play with! I love that this table is perfect for Mia to sit at and play. It is also the perfect size to store her Lego storage containers beneath. 

This tip definitely helped in our home and I hope that it helps in yours too! Be sure to visit our website next Thursday to see what our next Mom Tip is!


  1. I really want to make a Lego table for my daughters. I think it would be so much easier! Thanks for this. This is really neat!

  2. Oh that's pretty easy to make. I love IKEA :) I should see if ZZ is into legos someday. I could show this to my in-laws since they are.