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I Wanted it All but What I Got is Even Better

If you asked me 10 years ago about what my life would be like when I was twenty six I would probably say one thing first - I would have a career. After I mentioned having a career I would name things such as a house, spouse, and hope that we were planning to have children shortly. 

From the time that I was in first grade it was never a question to me of whether or not I would go to college, it was a fact to me that I would. I had plans to be a businesswomen, a teacher, or work in social work. Once I had a career the rest would just fall into place.

I had my life planned from the time that I was six and it didn't go as I expected it to. I never expected to dislike where I chose to go to college and drop out, I never expected to get pregnant at nineteen, I never expected to get married at twenty two, and I never expected to be twenty six and completely unsure of what type of career I wanted. 

I wanted it all: the career, the husband, the house, the children... and in that order. Once I became a parent though having a career, having a house, and having a planned future mattered much less to me. The thing that mattered most was the little girl watching my every move. I wanted it all, but what I got is even better. Becoming a young parent and being able to watch my daughter grow up and experience life with her and my husband has been better than what I had planned. 

I expect that one day I will have a career and that one day my husband and I will have a house, but for now the most important thing is our daughter. Sometimes things don't go as planned, sometimes they turn out a little bit better.

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  1. And I'm so happy for you. Not everyone's story turn out as great as yours. I got the house and the husband and the career but now I wish I could go back and just get the house and the career minus the husband lol :)