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Easter Cookie Cutter Art!

Mia and I love to do crafts and we typically try to do some type of craft at least once a week. Since Mia is in school now I have to find crafts that aren't super time consuming but are still fun and unique. One of the crafts that we recently did was Easter Cookie Cutter Art. This craft allowed us to use different mediums (paint and crayons) and allowed Mia to be creative. I hope that you enjoy the idea as much as we enjoyed doing it!

To do this simple craft you need cookie cutters, paint, and crayons! You could use markers or colored pencils if you prefer. I also used paper plates to put the paint on. The cookie cutters that we used I purchased at Walmart in the seasonal section, six were included for under $2. You can find seasonal cookie cutters at craft stores, the dollar store, Target, and more. Since I knew that we were going to craft with them the low price was a definite plus!

We picked one color of paint for each cookie cutter. Once we knew which colors we were going to use we poured the paint out in a thin layer onto paper plates.

Dip the cookie cutter gently into the paint color of your choice and then stamp onto the paper. Lift the cookie cutter up trying not to shift it around. 

Once the paint dries your little ones will be able to decorate the inside of the shapes! This was Mia's favorite part. She loved being able to decorate each shape the way that she wanted to. We definitely plan to do this craft again with different shaped cookie cutters!

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  1. That is definitely easy and fun to do. Madison loves crafting now. She's at that age where it's a lot of fun. I'm heading to Walmart this weekend so will be picking up some of these and doing this over the weekend. Thanks for the idea.