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Ways to Raise a Bookworm! - Alexandra

Reading is incredibly important for children and adults. There are many benefits to having a love of reading but it isn't always easy to get a child to enjoy reading. In honor of Read Across America Day we wanted to share our ways to raise a bookworm.

Read to Your Children Early and Continue to Read to Them
It is never too early to begin reading to your child. Babies enjoy hearing stories, poems, and rhymes, as well as looking at the colorful pages in books. Reading to your child from a young age serves as a bonding activity that your child will appreciate as they grow older. Also, be sure to read to your children even as they get older. Children enjoy being read to even after they begin to learn to read themselves. Once children are able to read you can take turns reading to each other.

Encourage All Genres and Help Children to Find What They Enjoy to Read
There are many genres of books. While not everyone may enjoy them all it is important to encourage children to read all genres that may appeal to them; this includes comics or even magazines. All types of literature help to enrich a child's love of reading, vocabulary, and often imagination. Your child may not continue to enjoy reading many different genres so help them to find something that does appeal to them.

Interact With the Stories You Read
While reading a story with your children keep them involved by asking questions about the story; when you are done with a story start discussions about it. You can also create activities to go along with the story that you read. Some ideas of activities include crafts, recipes, reading games, and acting out scenes.  Keeping reading fun is important for children to find it enjoyable.

Have a Space for Books and a Space for Reading
Create a special space for children to store their books. Whether it be in a bookshelf, in a cabinet, or on a table, keeping children's books in an easily accessible space makes it more likely that they will take them out to read. Also, having a special space that is comfortable where children can sit or snuggle up with a book will encourage them to read more often. 

Make a Designated Time for Reading
When I was younger I always had thirty minutes before bed to read with my mom when I was younger and quietly by myself when I was older. This time became an enjoyable habit. Carving out time for reading in the middle of a busy schedule shows children that reading is important.

Give a Book Allowance or Reward Reading
A great way to encourage reading is to give a book allowance to your children. If you are able set aside $5-10 or as much as you can afford every week, month, etc to take your child to get a new book. If you are unable to set anything aside than plan a specific day each week or monthly to take your child to the library to get new books to read. Another great way to encourage reading is to reward it. One way to reward reading is to make a reward chart where you add a sticker if they read each day for a certain amount of time, once the chart is filled up you could reward them with a treat, an activity, or even a new book.

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