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Paper Bag Puppets

*I received mentioned Lakeshore product as compensation for my honest review. 
I received no monetary compensation for this post!*
A few weeks ago Mia and I received the All-in-One Craft Tub from Lakeshore and as soon as we received it I immediately started thinking of fun crafts that we could do with the products included in the tub! One of the first that came to mind was paper bag puppets! Mia loves putting on puppet shows  and designing her own puppets made her love putting on a puppet show even more!

Mia and I used a bunch of supplies included in the All-in-One Craft Tub. Although I absolutely recommend purchasing this craft tub because of the amazing value many of these supplies you could also find at your local craft store or even dollar store. 

We used:
Pom Poms
Wiggly Eyes
Craft Hair
Foam Mosaic Tiles
Pipe Cleaners
Mini Markers

We also used paper lunch bags which were not included in the craft tub but we had already at home!

After setting up all of the supplies Mia and I trimmed some of the bag off of the bottom to make it easier for Mia to use. We took about two to three inches off, but you can take off as much as you feel you need in order to help your little one reach the folded part. Mia then began decorating her puppets with all of the fun supplies!

Mia and I made two puppets each. One of hers was an angel so she used feathers to make wings. I made one of mine be dresses as a hula girl.

Once all of our puppets were done drying Mia put on a puppet show for us! 
I hope that your little ones enjoy this craft as much as Mia did!

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