It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Ideas to Help Fit Family Time Into a Busy Schedule!


Ideas to Help Fit Family Time Into a Busy Schedule!

As parents life can be incredibly busy and most days are filled with running a household, taking care of children, working, and more. Because of this fitting in family time isn't always easy. Below are some tips that can help make fitting in family time a little bit easier!

Have a Family Meal Together Daily (Or Close to it)
One of the ways that my family has family time is by having a meal together as close to daily as possible. While we all sit at the dining room table for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner we chat about our day, tell jokes, talk about plans, and more. It is a great way to turn something simple into family time. Of course there are days that my husband works late or we have a quickly thrown together meal so it doesn't happy every day, but we try to do it whenever we are able to.

Schedule Family Activities
To be honest sometimes having family time takes a little bit of planning. We often plan in advance to have a game night, movie night, day at the park, etc. If we plan in advance we know that it is more likely we will be able to actually have that time set aside to spend together free. Scheduling a fun activity once a week, such as the activities I mentioned, gives children and yourselves something to look forward to in the week to come.

Fit it in Whenever You Can
With crazy schedules it is often difficult to schedule family time. If there is a time that we are unable to schedule it we will fit it in whenever we can. If after school we have an hour that we are all around we will play a game or have a snack together and chat.

Share Traditions
Many families have holiday or seasonal traditions. Sharing those with your children help to create family time. Simple things like decorating, baking cookies, writing out holiday cards, etc. can be done together, creating a little bit of family time.

Sometimes say "It's okay if I don't get everything done"
Parents have a lot of demands! Laundry, cleaning, dropping off/picking up kids from school, homework; the list could go on and on. Sometimes in order to get some family fun time in you have to say "It's okay if I don't get everything done" and that is perfectly okay to say. Sometimes it can be difficult because we have so much to do and so little time to do it, but it is important to remember that kids are only little once and we should embrace that as often as possible.


  1. I love this! We try to look at everything to see how we can do it as a family. Such a great post :)

  2. I'm very guilty of foregoing family time to get chores done...this made me think about changing my priorities.

  3. We have dinner at home everyday of the week. That's our special time to catch up of what we did during the day.

  4. We do a lot of family time, although its slowing down a little because I work now, and I am at work 4 days of the week during dinner :(

  5. Great post! I love it. It's so important for family time. I try to have family time as much as possible.

  6. Time is such a short thing and spending it with family is the most important to me! I make an effort to be present and with everyone at dinner time. We put down electronics, otherwise we'd never see each other's faces.