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DLee's Nighttime Scare Review & Giveaway! - Alexandra

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My daughter, Mia, and I absolutely love to read together. Regardless how busy our day is we always make time to sit and read some books. We are always excited when we have the opportunity to review books and we were super excited when Diana Lee Santamaria approached us to review her newest book DLee's Nighttime Scare. We reviewed the first three DLee's World books a few months ago and loved them so we were sure that we would love this new book too. After reading DLee's Nighttime Scare it has quickly become one of our favorite books! We think that you will love this book too so be sure to enter below to win your own copy!

In DLee's Nighttime Scare DLee is trying to go to sleep but is afraid because of the spooky eyes she sees in her closet. She calls for her mommy and her mommy explains to her that there is nothing to be afraid of but DLee is still worried. After explaining to her mommy what the monster looks like her mommy turns on the light. Suddenly DLee's cat pops out of the closet!

There have been many nights that Mia has been worried or afraid to go to bed because of a "monster" that she thinks she sees since things look so different in the dark. DLee's Nighttime Scare is a wonderful aid in helping to show Mia that things often aren't as scary as she may think that they are. It also has helped in explaining to her that monsters aren't real and that she is seeing something ordinary and thinking it is something scary.

Diane Lee Santamaria has been an early childhood educator for the past six years and as an educator she wanted to create books that were authentic to her students while enhancing their overall developmental abilities. Each character in Diana Lee's books has diversity, because she believes that children need to see characters in books that are representative of themselves. The character DLee is based on Diana's appearance when she was younger. Since Diana is an educator she understands the importance of reading comprehension and making reading fun for children. Because of this she offers lesson plans, assessments, and a game on the DLee's World website to accompany each of her books. Mia and I played the Roll and Retell game that goes along with DLee's Nighttime Scare and had so much fun. Mia loved talking about parts of the story!

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