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Things to Think About When Choosing a Pediatrician - Alexandra

Shortly after I found out that I was pregnant almost 7 years ago I started preparing to bring a little one into this world. I researched different parenting styles, feeding methods, about vaccines, and way more; honestly the list could go on for days. One thing that I didn't take too much time to think about though was choosing a pediatrician. Through the midwife that I was seeing there was a recommended pediatrician. I made the mistake of assuming that I would be happy with this pediatrician and didn't do much research. I couldn't regret that decision more. 

Thankfully the doctors through the first office that we visited weren't awful but they definitely were not what I wanted for my daughter. That is when I began to think, "Is this the only choice that I have?" Of course it wasn't, so off I went to research and find the best pediatrician for Mia. When it came to pediatricians I wasn't very picky. One of the most important things that I knew I needed from a pediatrician was someone who was available if we needed to make a last minute sick visit, the first office that we saw would send us to the ER when Mia was sick, that didn't work for us. The second thing that I knew I needed was a pediatrician that was willing to let me try natural remedies if possible before rushing into medication.

 I was lucky enough to find the most amazing pediatrician on the second try but after talking to many other parents I have found that they deal with a doctor they aren't happy with for quite a bit of time because they are unsure of how to begin the search or because they don't think that they will find a perfect pediatrician for their family. The right pediatrician is out there for every family and taking some things into consideration will help you to find the right one. I have listed some important things to consider below!

  •  For many one of the most important things to think about when choosing a pediatrician or any type of doctor is whether or not they accept your insurance. It is also important to think about how the office handles billing and insurance claims. Do they expect payment at the time of the visit or do they bill you later? Also do they offer payment plans?
  •  A doctor's office hours can often vary. When choosing a pediatrician it is important to find out what their hours are on each day of the week. It is also important to ask if they will be able to give you an appointment in the event that your child needs a sick visit or there is an emergency.
  •  Something else important for parents to think about when searching is how available the office is if you have a routine question or issue that you like to speak to them about. Some pediatricians only take calls at certain times while others will return calls as they receive them. Another thing to consider is if they use email to communicate.
  •  Once the first few things are considered and you visit an office there are things to think about immediately after walking in. How is the office setting? Is it the type of office that you would like to bring your child to? Also pay attention the members of the staff and how they work with the children.
  •  One of the most important things to think about when choosing a pediatrician is how their style and personality blends with yours. Are you passionate about a certain issues (for example: extended breastfeeding, vaccines, when to start baby food, etc)? If you are than it is important to find a pediatrician that understands your feelings, wants, and needs for your child. It is also important that they respect those feelings.
  •  Another thing to consider if your child is in a group practice is which doctor will treat your child in an event that your pediatrician is out. You will want to be sure that their personality blends well with yours. If your pediatrician has their own office you will want to see what pediatrician they have cover their office if they are sick, away, or have an emergency.
  •  The last thing that I recommend finding out when choosing a pediatrician is what local hospitals they work with in the event of an emergency. Many parents have a preference of hospitals so if you do it is important to take that into consideration.

I hope that this post encourages our readers to find a new pediatrician for your little ones if you are unhappy with their current one. I also hope that these tips will help help you to find a pediatrician if you are currently pregnant and on the hunt.

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