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The Parenting Decision that I Wish I Made Differently - Alexandra

*Disclaimer: Throughout this post I discuss breastfeeding. I am not in any way putting down those who formula feed, saying that breastfeeding is the better option, or thinking less of those who do or did not breastfeed. We all do the best that we can for our children and that is what it most important. *

As mothers we are constantly making decisions for our children. From the minute that we learned we were pregnant we needed to begin making decisions about what baby gear we would buy for them, what doctor they will see, how we hope to deliver them, and more. One decision that many make is whether to breastfeed or to bottle feed. I wish that I made my decision differently.

Growing up breastfeeding was not common around me, none of my family members had breastfed so it was not something that I was used to seeing and it was not something that I was taught about, I did not know many of the health benefits that breastfeeding provided for a child. When I became pregnant with my daughter my midwife asked me if I planned to breastfeed or formula feed. I answered that I planned to formula feed and that was the end of our conversation, that was the only conversation that I had about it with any medical professional. I often wonder what if I had more conversations about breastfeeding, what if I did more research. My daughter has asthma and eczema, would things have been different for her if I had made a different decision? When I made the decision not to breastfeed I was nineteen, naive, and uninformed; I wish that I taught myself more about this subject, I wish that society taught women more about this subject.

There are many benefits to breastfeeding some of which are:
  • Breast milk contains active infection-fighting white blood cells and natural chemicals that give increased protection against infections.
  • Breastfeeding can help prevent SIDS according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • It contains the perfect proportion of nutrients that your baby needs, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calcium.
  • Breast milk may protect against allergies and asthma in the future.
  • Breast milk may contain some fatty acids that promote brain development
These are only some of the many benefits of breastfeeding. You can find more information on breastfeeding HERE!

At the beginning of this post I made a disclaimer. This disclaimer was saying that this post is not at all to make anyone feel bad if they chose to formula feed, if they were unable to breastfeed, or if they ultimately chose not to breastfeed for any reason. I feel like this disclaimer is important to make for many reasons. I often feel bad for the decision that I made not to breastfeed, I often feel that I didn't make the right decision for my child. I want to make sure that I am not in any way making anyone else feel that way because that is not the point of this post. This post has one point: to increase breastfeeding awareness. I think that more pregnant women, especially young pregnant women, need to be informed about breastfeeding and its benefits. I think that society needs to become more comfortable with women breastfeeding and stop the sexualization of it, and the feeling that it is weird or strange. I think that the only way for us to become more comfortable with breastfeeding it is to talk about, to be informed about it, to learn all that we can. The point of this post is provide information. 

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