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Sponge Painted Picture Frames - Alexandra

My daughter, Mia, loves to make DIY gifts for family members for holidays. When thinking of ideas for this Valentine's Day we decided on picture frames! We have sponge painted tons of times before and it is one of Mia's favorite crafts so we decided to decorate them that way! These frames are inexpensive, simple, and super cute! Anyone who receives them is sure to love them!

What You Need:
Wooden Frame
Paint (We used red and white and made pink)
Basic Sponges
Dark Paint or a Permanent Marker (if you would like to decorate or write on the frame)

What to do:
These frames are so simple! I like to take basic sponges that you can find at the dollar store. I cut each sponge into four pieces so that they cover a smaller area and so that we have more sponges for other projects. Once you are ready to start all that you have to do is set up your paint on a plate, napkin, piece of paper, palette, or whatever you would like to use. You can use as many or as few colors as you would like. Once everything is set up your little one can get started dabbing their sponge in the paint and then dabbing their sponge onto the frame; they can complete this until the entire frame is covered. Once the frames were dry I wrote freehand on them with a permanent marker for her, you could do the same or use a stencil, or just leave them plain. 

Mia made a frame for her grandma, her aunt, and her daddy. She is so excited to give these frames out on Valentine's Day! 

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