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HelloFresh Review! - Alexandra

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As a busy mom planning meals, grocery shopping, and cooking elaborate meals can sometimes be tiring. Anything that makes this task just a little bit easier is definitely a win in my book. Enter HelloFresh, a food ordering and delivery service, where all that you have to do is cook, they do the rest for you!

The chefs at HelloFresh plan and create amazing recipes each week that are easy to prepare. Their meals are unique yet simple enough to prepare; they also provide a balanced diet. They offer a classic box or a vegetarian box, and they offer options for two people or four. Once their recipes are made and you order they do the grocery shopping for you. HelloFresh delivers everything straight to your door, with no added shipping cost, so that you can skip the store. They make cooking simple with pre-measured ingredients and pretty much everything that you need (minus salt, pepper, and olive oil) brought right to you. I love that the recipes HelloFresh sends are simple and quick! No recipe that they send requires fancy equipment or techniques. They also do not use ingredients that are uncommon or that it's likely you won't be comfortable using.

I have made two meals from my box so far and my family absolutely loved them! Each recipe only took about thirty minutes, were fresh, unique, and delicious. Their meals for two also made more than enough for two people. I have ordered from a different food delivery service in the past and the portions were very small. With both of these meals we had enough for two plus leftovers. I would definitely make each of these meals again for my family. I love that with HelloFresh I did not have to plan meals, figure out what ingredients I would need, or head to the grocery store. Ordering was simple, the ingredients were fresh, and I was not left with any extra from ingredients that would be wasted. While the price of HelloFresh is a bit steep, $69 for three meals for two people, I would definitely order from them, especially during times that I know that I will be very busy and need quick but balanced meals.

HelloFresh is a perfect service or gift idea for busy families, newlyweds, people interested in meal planning, college students, individuals learning how to cook, and more! 

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