It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Friendly Rooster Giveaway Hosted by Growing Up Madison!


Friendly Rooster Giveaway Hosted by Growing Up Madison!

Little ones are constantly on the go, running here, skipping there, jumping everywhere. Something important to worry about is what they have on their feet while they are doing it! So many shoes for little ones are uncomfortable. From running too small, rubbing the backs of their heels, to squishing their toes, finding shoes that are comfortable for little ones can be a feat. Friendly Rooster is here to help!

On the Friendly Rooster website you can find tons of different shoes from some of the best children's shoe companies. Not only are the shoes available on Friendly Rooster comfortable but they are also fashionable. 

Friendly Rooster is giving you a chance to win a $75 gift card to shop on their website! They want the winner to be able to choose the style of shoe that is perfect for their little one! 

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