It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Fight Dry Winter Weather with VICKS! - Alexandra


Fight Dry Winter Weather with VICKS! - Alexandra

My daughter, suffers from seasonal asthma in the dry weather months. One of the best ways for us to help keep her cough to a minimum is by keeping a humidifier in  her room at night. Once we knew that a humidifier would be a big help for her we were on the hunt to find one small enough to fit in her room but effective enough to help her cough. After much searching we purchased one that broke after two weeks of use. Luckily for us we were selected by Influenster to review the Vicks Mini VilterFree CoolMist Humidifier and we could not be happier with it!

The Vicks Mini FilterFree CoolMist Humidifier produces a cool mist and helps to maintain a humidity level between 40-60%. Keeping humidity levels at this percentage helps to reduce the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. You are able to choose the level of cool mist that you would like by using the dial on the humidifier. There is also a space on the humidifier to insert a Vicks VapoPad. These VapoPads release a soothing menthol scent. 

I have three favorite things about the Vicks Mini FilterFree CoolMist Humidifier! My first favorite is that there are no filters to replace. Filters can be an incredibly costly thing to purchase on top of the initial cost of the machine. Thankfully, although it is filter free it is very easy to clean so there are no worries that the mist entering the air isn't clean. My second favorite thing about this humidifier is how quiet it is! I love that even though it is on in my daughter's room while she is sleeping it does not wake her up because she doesn't hear a thing. My third favorite thing about this humidifier is the size. My daughter doesn't have much room on her bookshelf near her bed so we needed something small enough to fit. This mini humidifier fits perfectly since it is just small enough. The water in it does not run out while my daughter is sleeping though, so while it is small it is perfect for night time use.

We love the Vicks Mini FilterFree CoolMist Humidifier and think that you will too! Be sure to look for this humidifier at Walmart or order it on Amazon!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

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