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5 Tips for Having an Open Relationship With Your Child! - Alexandra

Like most parents it is very important to me to always have open communication with my child. Getting little ones to feel comfortable talking to you isn't always easy and can sometimes take some work, especially as they get older. To help to make this a little bit easier I have compiled a list of 5 things that I think are important for having an open relationship with your child.

1. Spend time talking with your child even from a young age. Talking to children from the time that they are newborns is very important; it helps to boost a baby's brainpower and as they grow older helps them to develop a vocabulary. Talking to children throughout their lives also helps them to learn that you are there for them and enjoy talking to them. 

2. Listen when your children do talk to you. Be sure to validate your child's feelings and try not to be quick to jump in or to judge. Like adults, children need a chance to vent. It is important for them to know that their parents are there for them when they need to talk and that we understand them and the way that they feel. Try not to jump in though. Children need a chance to come up with solutions to problems or issues that they are facing. Jumping in with a solution doesn't give them a chance to figure out how to solve a problem on their own. Let your child know that you are there for them if they need help.

3. Pay attention to conversation openers. When it seems that your children want to talk (for example they ask you a question or bring up a topic to you) try to stop what you are doing to focus on your child. Even though it is not always possible to stop what we are doing immediately to talk to them it is important to do so whenever we can or to ask them to give you a few minutes and then they can have your undivided attention. It is important for parents to show their children that we are willing and available to talk to them when they would like to talk.

4. Ask questions about what they are talking to you about. Ask direct questions about what they are talking about. For example, if they are talking about school ask them how a certain class was or what they did at recess. Broad questions like "How was school" makes it more likely that you will get a short answer.

5. Make talking a habit. Develop routines involving talking to each other. As parents our lives can be super busy. Finding a specific time to devote to our little ones and talking to them can help to make daily talking a habit. Whether it be at the table in the morning when having breakfast, in the car on the way home from school, or at bedtime taking a specific time to talk to your children makes your child feel like that is their special time with you. Mia loves to play a game called "What did you today?" Basically we take turns saying things that we did each day. Sometimes we play it in the car, other times around the dinner table. It is a game that makes her enjoy talking about what she did during her day. We enjoy sharing with her about our day and love hearing her talk about hers.

I hope that these tips help you to develop an 
open relationship with your child!

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