It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Keeping Kids Busy on a Snow Day! - Alexandra


Keeping Kids Busy on a Snow Day! - Alexandra

With a large blizzard approaching the North Eastern USA many school districts have cancelled school tomorrow. For many parents they are trying to figure out ideas to keep kids busy during these long days inside. I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to spend snow days!

1. Arts & Crafts

My daughter loves when we make fun new arts and crafts On a snow day the first thing we usually do is take out our buckets of craft supplies and make some fun new crafts. If you don't have tons of craft supplies just coloring or drawing works excellently as well!

2. Playing Board Games

In our house we absolutely love playing board games! Snow days are a perfect chance for us to spend time together and play all of our favorites! 

3. Baking or Cooking

Mia loves to help me bake and cook. She loves being able to help me in every way that she can whether it be gathering ingredients, measuring, or more. Spending the day at home is a perfect time for me to teach her how to make a certain treat or dish and a wonderful time for us all to be able to enjoy what we make! 

4. Building a Fort

What little one doesn't love forts?! Gather up your pillows and blankets and try to make a fort as large as you can! Maybe you can make one throughout your entire living room. You could even pretend to be camping!

5. Having a Movie Marathon 

There are so many movies that we may want to have seen but never got a chance to. On snow days we are able to watch a bunch of new movies or all time favorites. We usually pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch together.

6. Playing Outside in the Snow

During every snow storm comes the time to shovel and clean off cars. While we are outside it is the perfect time to bring out Mia and allow her to play to and for us to play with her. You can build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, and so much more. Take some time to enjoy the winter wonderland!

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