It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: What Moms Really Want for Christmas! - Alexandra


What Moms Really Want for Christmas! - Alexandra

With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas only a few days away I have seen tons of lists online and in catalogs about what to get various people for Christmas. The lists that really stood out to me though were the lists for moms. Many of the recurring items that I saw on these lists were perfume, purses, jewelry, and shoes. Seeing these lists really made me think, "Is that really what most moms want for Christmas?" So I decided to do some investigating through conversations in person and on Facebook. Most of the moms that I asked what they would like for Christmas said items that were not tangible and those that did asked for things for the house, the family, or some alone time, haha. 

Below are some of the things that every day moms told me through Facebook comments that they want for Christmas.

A vacation alone! - Cyndie N.

Honestly I've been begging for a carpet cleaner! - Amanda O.

I want just one day of no electronics and just some major family time! - Teresa M.

A day to sleep in without having to be the one to get up with the kids when they wake.... and breakfast ready when I get up! - Amber T.

A day of papering without the worries I will get tons of calls! - Dawn W.

I want one day where everything goes as planned! - Casey C.

An hour of peace and quiet to soak my feet and enjoy a cup of tea without anyone climbing on my legs, throwing toys in my water or spilling my tea! - Lisa B.

A day of quiet and relaxation with no mess, screaming kids, or a demanding husband. - Angela S.

A stay-cation just me and a hotel room and silence! - Samantha F.

A 12 pack of Coke, a Party Size bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, hot wings, and several hours to myself, with no comments about it afterwards. - Stephanie K.

My Christmas wish is for my family to take a vacation to Florida to visit my family. The last time we about four years ago. - Ashley P.

A spa day and family photos! - Rebecca H.

A night away! Maybe at nice hotel with a pool and spa and room service in the City! - Amanda G.

A maid! - Jess B.

The best present right now would be some time for myself to finish a book. Or a new vacuum cleaner! - Amy G.

As you can see from this list none of the moms that I talked to mentioned a purse, shoes, jewelry, perfume, or most of the other things that most seem to think that moms want. 

If you are reading this and still have a mom on your holiday shopping list to shop for give her the gift of some time to herself, family time, or something useful. A tip from a mom who knows lots of other moms: Most moms put off buying things that they want or need in order to make sure other family members are taken care of. If there is something that you know a mom wants or needs that is a perfect and much appreciated gift! 

Happy Holidays everyone! 

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