It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Top 5 Fat Brain Toys to Get My Kids Active for the New Year! - Alexandra


Top 5 Fat Brain Toys to Get My Kids Active for the New Year! - Alexandra

*This post is sponsored by Fat Brain Toys.
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I think that it is very important to have toys for your children that fill a variety of categories. One of the categories that I think is most important are toys that encourage children to get active.  I have compiled a list of my favorite toys from Fat Brain Toys that encourage activity. Most of these items are perfect for indoors and outdoors, night or day, great weather or poor weather, and are also perfect for children ranging in age from two years old to adult. 

The Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball Football glows as it flies through the sky. The better the spiral when thrown the brighter the glow. This ball encourages interaction and outdoor activity day or night. Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball Football is easy to catch and easy to throw providing kids with tons of fun!

Steppers are a great way to children to improve their balance and coordination. Steppers also encourage gross motor skills, balance, exercise, and creative play. With a flared base and anti-slip top textures children never have to worry about falling; the handles are also highly durable and provide a great grip. Each set includes two stepper bases and braided lines.

The Yo Baby Kick Flipper is a wheel-less board for learning and practicing boarding tricks. It encourages gross motor skills, coordination, and confidence. Kids will love trying out and landing real boarding tricks with a board that is safe for them. There is also a Boarding Basics DVD included that teaches real moves. The Yo Baby Kick Flipper can be used indoors or outdoors, on the carpet, grass, sand, anywhere!

Sturdy Birdy is a fun-filled, easy to play, and quick moving game that enhances balance, coordination, and core strength. This game also helps to improve gross motor skills, social interaction, and self esteem. Unlike other games that you hvae seen Sturdy Birdy challenges your child on a physical level while encouraging counting skills and more!

This great revolving musical jumping toy gets kids up and moving for action packed fun! With a variety of settings such as adjustable heights and speeds it is a perfect item for children ages three and up. Children move to the music and jump quick over the pole as it revolves around and around the electronic base. The Super Skipper encourages gross motor skills, coordination, and quick reflexes. The poles are set up easily and it is also able to fold up small for easy storage.

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