It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: The Stork® At Home Conception Kit, helping families to conceive - Alexandra


The Stork® At Home Conception Kit, helping families to conceive - Alexandra

*This is a sponsored post written on behalf of The Stork® OTC by Rinovum Women’s Health.
All opinions are 100% my own.*

Many of the men and women with common fertility difficulties find it to be difficult to talk about even to friends, family, and even a specialist. It is often a very private, stressful, and heartbreaking thing that those suffering do not think that others will truly understand. Some adults are unaware of how common infertility can be or know very little about the variety of issues that can cause infertility. Many of the men and women who suffer from infertility are unable to afford costly treatments, have tried one or more of the procedures available, or want to try other options before turning to a fertility specialist. 

I am one of those women who suffers from fertility difficulties and I could not be more glad that an over-the-counter option to try to conceive is available. The Stork® by Rinovum Women's Health helps to aid people and their chances of conceiving directly from the privacy and comfort of their home. Keep reading to learn all about this OTC contraceptive aid.

The Stork® OTC can help with common fertility difficulties such as motility issues with sperm, diminished sperm count (low sperm count), or unfavorable vaginal environment such as a pH imbalance. The Stork® OTC can also help healthy couples who desire to control timing or couples trying to become pregnant without intercourse.

The Stork OTC® provides a way for couples to use cervical cap insemination to assist conception in the privacy of their own home. Cervical cap insemination is a well known technique used by healthcare professionals for the past few decades. It is easy to use, available without a prescription, and is a much lower cost alternative to in-clinic treatments. 

The simple design of The Stork® OTC consists of two main parts - the Conceptacle® and the applicator. The Conceptacle® consists of latex-free, condom like sheath that collects the semen during intercourse. It can also be used with donor sperm. The applicator cradles the cervical cap and guides it to the cervix, this allows the sperm to stay close to the area that it needs to be for 4-6 hours. The Stork® OTC is recommended to be used during ovulation and can be used alongside an ovulation test kit to help determine your most fertile days. 

The Stork OTC is available for purchase over-the-counter at CVS locations and online. It is currently available in a box that contains one treatment for $79.99.

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