It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: Li'l Woodzeez Review! - Alexandra


Holiday Gift Guide: Li'l Woodzeez Review! - Alexandra

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience*

Every time that we are in Target my daughter begs me to head to the toy section for two reasons: Our Generation dolls and Li'l Woodzeez toys. For months she has been begging me for Li'l Woodzeez items from families to homes, and I am happy to say she will be getting some of these adorable items under our tree this Christmas. Keep reading to learn more about these adorable toys!

Li'l Woodzeez bring you into their world called Honeysuckle Hollow. In this world all of the woodland creatures work together to take care of each other and the environment. Each animal family in Honeysuckle Hollow has a different job such as Harvesters, Bakers, Cleaners, and more! When you purchase each family you get a little book with a short story about that family and their job. Also available from Li'l Woodzeez is a Treehouse, a camper, various stores, and more! You can combine these items together to make up all of Honeysuckle Hollow!

We received the Swiftysweepers Hedgehog Family and the Hoppin' Farmers Market to review and my daghter, Mia, is absolutely crazy about them!

The Swiftysweepers are a family of four: the father Whoosh, mother May, and the children Moppy and Dusty. In their storybook May and Whoosh are busy cleaning they ask their children to help. After a mishap that results in a visit to the health center they realize that life is not all work and no play. Mia has asked me to read this story multiple times to her and she loves playing with this family.

As soon as Mia saw the Hoppin' Farmers Market she begged me to open it. She absolutely loves setting up this market any way that she wants and having "customers" come in to shop. This Farmers Market comes with 97 pieces and will keep little ones busy for hours! I could not recommend this item more!

I cannot wait for Mia to receive other items to expand her own Honeysuckle Hollow. I love that these items encourage imaginative play!

Visit the Li'l Woodzeez Website HERE!

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