It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: Jingle Paws from Parragon Books! - Alexandra


Holiday Gift Guide: Jingle Paws from Parragon Books! - Alexandra

*I am a member of the Parragon Books Book Buddies program and 
received all items at no cost  to use for review or article purposes!*

One of my favorite children's books is Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. When I saw that she has an adorable Christmas book called Jingle Paws I knew that my daughter, Mia, and I had to read it! I was so excited that it was included in our December Book Buddies package and we read it the night that we received it at bedtime! Keep reading to learn all about Jingle Paws!

Children that celebrate Christmas get a visit from Santa Claus, now it is time to imagine your pets getting a visit from their own visitor! Meet Jingle Paws and his silly guinea pig helpers this is book! When Cat hears noises on Christmas Eve he runs to investigate and a little mouse watches, meanwhile down the chimney comes Jingle Paws! He brings the mouse cheese and the cat catnip! After his treats Jungle Paws heads back up the chimney to head to other pet homes to deliver gifts!

Mia absolutely loved this book! She thought that it was so cute that pets got to receive gifts and had their own version of Santa! We even got a cat stocking this year and are going to pretend that it was from Jingle Paws! I think that it will be a fun new tradition!

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