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Holiday Gift Guide: Freshly Picked Review! - Nicole

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I adore booties for Rylin. They are light weight and easy to put on/take off. They also don't have that thick sole, so I feel like they allow her to wear shoes while still getting that barefoot feel. This was especially important to me when she first began walking. Now that she is a little walking pro, she is just used to the style and seems to prefer her booties to say, tennis shoes.

The downfall to her booties is that they are often made of knit or woven fabric that comes apart quickly when used on a more active child than a crawling baby. Freshly Picked is great because they make 100% genuine leather moccasins. The design is very similar to that of the booties Rylin and I have grown so accustomed to, but they are 100 times more durable! Keep reading for more about Freshly Picked and a giveaway they have graciously decided to sponsor for us!

Each shoe is handmade in the U.S.A. The opening of the moccasin has elastic so that they are easy to put on and take off, but also stays on the foot with no hassle.

We received a pair of the stone suede moccasins. They are so soft that I wish Freshly Picked had a
pair in my size! They fit pretty true to size, in my opinion. Our pair is a size 6, and the girls both wear a 5 or 6 depending on the shoe. The 6 is the perfect size for Jayde, and just a tad bit big on Rylin. However, even though they are a little bit big on her, they still stay on her feet just fine and give her no trouble when she wears them.

Rylin loves these moccasins and brings them to me when we are getting ready to head out. Another thing that I really like about them over our normal booties is that they keep her feet very
warm, even without socks! Her toes are always nice and toasty when we take them off. Being in Colorado, that is an absolute must!

I was scrolling through the site with Jayde one evening and she of course found about 10 pairs that she was desperate to have. Luckily, Santa heard her wish and she has a new pair, just for her, waiting to be stuffed into her stocking on Christmas Eve!

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