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Holiday Gift Guide: Compendium Inc. And Then... Review! - Alexandra

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Finding a way for children to use their imagination and express their creativity is very important. Some children enjoy drawing, others painting, and many enjoy writing. After writing from their imagination children may need some ideas to help them think of new things to write about! Compendium Inc. has a product perfect for budding authors! And Then... is a collection of story starters that encourage self-expression, creativity, and confidence anywhere that they would like to write a story!

And Then... Volume One features stories of underground tunnels, hot air balloons, un-school buses, and more. In this box there are twenty cards each of which is the beginning to a story that your child will want to finish! After the "And then..." on each card children are able to decide what happens next! There is also a second volume available

To go along with the And Then... card sets is a notebook called And Then I Wrote a Story. This notebook is for children to write down their stories in. Children can read a card form the And Then... sets, place it in the journal's pocket, and then choose a page within the notebook to write down their ending to the story. This notebook is lightweight and goes along perfectly with the Volume One and Volume Two And Then... card sets!

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