It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Cups! - Alexandra


Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Cups! - Alexandra

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we wanted to be sure to include some quick and fun Thanksgiving craft ideas on the blog! I know that a lot of families have lots of kids running around during Thanksgiving, what a better way to entertain than to have them sit and do some fun crafts together! These adorable Pilgrim Hat Cups are simple, decorative, and useful! 

All that you need to make these cups are small black paper plates, small black paper cups, yellow construction paper, orange construction paper, scissors, glue, and also tape (not pictured above). 

The first step is using scissors to cut out the bottom of the cup. We also decided to cut our strips of paper at this time too so that all of our scissor work was done at once. We held the orange paper horizontally and used a ruler to measure one inch thick, so that we could cut long strips to go around the cup. You should be able to get a few strips out of one piece of paper. We then used the ruler to measure 1 1/2 inch squares on the yellow paper and cut out small squares in the center.

Once we were done with our scissors our next step was to take tape and cut four pieces. They need to be long enough to tuck inside of the cup and then fold over each other to make a sticky piece to attach the plate. Once all 4 pieces of tape were attached to the cup we folded them over and attached the plate!

Once the plate was attached we glued the orange piece of paper to the cup. You will need to trim the ends of the orange piece of paper a bit to make it fit around the cup the way that you would like it to. Once the orange piece is glued on glue on the yellow square!

Ta-Da you are done!

How simple are these adorable little cups?! We love them! We are going to be using ours for Thanksgiving to have on the table to hold crayons since we have place mats to color on. It is a perfect decorative way to add a little bit of fun to a table. You can also put snacks in them and have them around for the children before Thanksgiving dinner! 

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